Our History


The existence of Sea “Vision 2018 Ltd” is the story of one man’s dream of having self-employment and adds up other sources of funds instead of the only source that he had. This story starts with Shabani Sululu who was born in Dodoma, Tanzania in the year 1984.He graduated from Makerere University in Uganda with bachelor degree in International business in the year 2012 in May and in December same year he joined Stanbic bank as a bank teller. In 2014 he became an officer, branch operations control. In 2015 he started Master’s degree in business administration (MBA-CM).


At first Shabani thought of what he should do to earn legitimate income apart from working for the bank (as he was a bank officer). He then thought of convincing some of his friends and together they mobilise funds for the period of three years, from 2015 to 2018 and thereafter they decide on where to invest or what to do.  He started by talking to his very best friend Mr. Alphonce and as expected, the idea was accepted. Then he talked to Mr. Edwin regarding the same and from there they became three with the same understanding and vision. Then he (Shabani) thought about the group name and decided to abbreviate the names of the three; Shabani, Edwin and Alphonce and the name “SEA” came into existence. Because the vision was set for 2018 he decided to call the group “SEA VISION 2018”.

They agreed that they should open up an account and start saving cash while looking for other members to join the movement. The plan was to have a total of ten (10) people. Before they opened an account they lost focus and direction. The movement was meant to start in March 2015 but it delayed to October. Alphonce had other commitments, Shabani had started MBA and Edwin was planning for further studies as well. Each of the three did not want to be the reason for the movement not to materialize, hence each decided to keep the challenges they had and could not open up to one another. Alphonce had another group with the same plan as those for “SEA” and he later revealed that to Shabani that he wouldn’t be able to continue with SEA. Shabani went and discussed about the same to Edwin who then became furious that the two were discussing issues behind his back and they all parted their ways.

After four months he (Shabani) went back to Edwin and tried to understand what really went wrong in the first place that made them fail to pursue the idea. In the end they (Shabani & Edwin) decided that they should start afresh by handling item by item of the idea before they could reach to the final destination.

They started with account opening and started to deposit cash up to the minimum balance that was supposed to be in the account. That process took them about five months. By December 2015 they had managed to deposit about Tanzania shilling 300,000.

The next step was to look for other eight members. He first went and talked to Alphonce and asked if he could re-join the movement. The group that Alphonce was in collapsed before it started executing its ideas and he had no objection to re-join the team. In the process they ended up registering about eighteen members. They agreed that each member should contribute TZS 100,000 monthly for the period starting 2016 to 2018.

Initially everything moved very well and Shabani drafted the guidelines and shared through the “Watsup” group for other members to share their views and they agree as a team to adhere to them. Later some misunderstanding arose between Shabani and Edwin who were the only signatories to the account. Edwin decided to take his share and leave the group, followed by request from other members. Shabani who thought he still had full support from Alphonce could not believe when he received a request from him that he was also thinking of leaving the group. That one punched him to the ground as he was the last person that Shabani could think that could leave him in that period of time. That was one of the moments that as a chairperson, mobilizer and founder of the idea he needed special people who could lift him up with an emotional voice “wake up brother, we can still do this and make it a reality”. On contrary that emotional voice, that extra power had to come from himself. The idea that he could still make it happen had to rely on himself and for that to happen he had to wake himself up, regroup himself and keep on moving probably with the few bold enough to the intended destination. As he believed that he explained the idea very well to each and every member from the start, he decided not to insist for Alphonce not to leave. He remained with Mr. Mlawa and Mr. Malila.

They sat and agreed that they add one person and move on. By that time Shabani had already talked to Mr. Ipyana about joining the group, hence when the three met Ipyana’s name was discussed and accepted.

Before the group had left with the three members, they had already opened up a company with the name “SEA VISION 2018 LTD”. So when other members wanted to leave the company they sat down and resolved to amend the “MEMART”. By that time they had already purchased a motorbike (boxer) which had not started operating. Also preparation for the company website was underway.

The four people started pushing for the company to stand and move forward, leaving all other history and bad memories behind their back, except the company name so that they keep the history.